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Support the 1st comprehensive and prospective conference on the future of aircraft efficiency and promote your organization to a high level audience.

  • Be seen as an active participant in global, political and technical discussions
  • Confirm your strategy in determining the course for the future
  • Promote your organization, its products and programmes to a distinguished, high-level audience.
  • Receive recognition as a Conference sponsor in all Conference promotional material.
  • Network with attendees, many of whom are decision-makers in the industry.
  • Get a free space to exhibit (if applicable in package).

Conference Exhibition

In conjunction with the Conference, an Exhibition where research centers, organizations and manufacturers will display information about their programs and products. This will also provide an excellent occasion for collaborative research projects and major research initiatives to promote their activities. More specifically, the benefits of exhibiting include:

  • Build awareness of your organization, activities and products
  • Showcase your expertise and achievements in the areas of aircraft noise and emissions reduction
  • Network with attendees, many of whom are decision
  • Be listed on the symposium Web site

For more information on the various sponsorship packages and advantages, please contact:

Anne Venables
Phone: +33 (0)1 56 64 12 30