ROUND TABLE 1: “Air transport growth for tomorrow”

(Left to right)
Moderator : Michel POLACCO – Journalist
Eric SCHULZ – President Civil Aerospace – Rolls-Royce
Frédéric GAGEY – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer – Air France
Anne-Marie IDRAC – Chair Person of the Supervisory Board – Toulouse-Blagnac Airport
Michel SCHELLER – President – 3AF
Augustin DE ROMANET – President and Chief Executive Officer – Aéroports de Paris
Fabrice BREGIER – President and Chief Executive Officer – Airbus

Passenger Friendly Air Transportation

This inaugural conference brings together scientists, innovators, designers, manufacturers and operators from the aviation world.

The conference focus on proactive ways to enhance aircraft efficiency for an advanced air transport system, whilst maintaining a high level of proficiency of all the players.

During 3 days, experts of all disciplines adress a series of themes during plenary and technical sessions:

  • Simplifying the global air transport system from a passenger perspective (safety, efficiency, security and comfort);
  • Reducing the travel time and cost as well as being resilient to unexpected events (weather, aircraft failure, delays).
  • Optimizing the use of the huge capital invested by all air transport system stakeholders.

Centred on a passenger’s flying experience, it reviews ways to enhance the ground transportation system, view the airport as a city from a passenger perspective and as a service provider for the aircraft handling.
It also presents the aircraft from a passenger perspective and from an operator and manufacturer point of views.
Last, it considers the Air Traffic Management System while taking into consideration the environmental aspects and needs.
All those aspects are reviewed in consideration of maintaining competencies of all players, as well as paying a special attention to the Air Transport systems business model.

presented by 3AF